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Today’s the day, friends.

Today’s the day I say farewell to this peppy little engine that could.

My Jeep Wrangler.

The car I named Bradley Cooper.

Since the lease is up in August, I found out I am allowed to bring it to the dealership early without penalty, thankfully.

This car has definitely served its purpose as a one (older) child vehicle, where we had kept the one booster seat in the middle, particularly safe for the firstborn.

Anyone with a Jeep Wrangler, and one with a soft top, knows that these are so, so much fun to drive in the summer, especially with the top down. And for my birthday last year, the hubs got me a bikini top with a cool white star imprinted on it that we only ended up using once. It’s also an amazing car in the snow - and up here in CT we’ve got plenty of it in the, what it seems like, an eternal New England winter.

Now we’ve got TWO (kids) and it’s getting way too cramped for not just people, but the accessories that go with: Diaper bags, snacks, gym bags, purses, emergency kits, the work junk I have to lug to career fairs, the list goes on.

Here’s where I’m getting at ...

Our cars aren’t just four wheels on the ground.

They keep our families safe.

They’re for road trips to visit family.

They’re for emergency trips to the grocery for the diapers we run out of.

They’re for bringing us to hospitals to have our babies.

They’re for alerting us for three weeks that you need an oil change, but you’re too busy (or broke) to go get one.

They’re a place where deep conversations can take place with growing children who ask about Eternity and God.

They act as elements in the fabric of time spent with your kids as they spill milk or Cheerios all over the seats and you have to get it detailed.

Or as you sing lullabies when they’re crying on a long trip home.

A couple of weeks ago, My husband bought a used vehicle (of course, he got a @Hummer H3), for CASH for the first time since we’ve been married. The intent was to eliminate the payment on the Jeep and save some significant cash $$ each month.

I’m sure Dave Ramsey or the late Larry Burkett would agree with this endeavor.

I guess decisions like this can sometimes come with melancholy as we reflect on time spent and the events that took place. But to put all things into perspective, there is time for more memories to be made in other vehicles.


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