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Milestones and Vomit.

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Here we go!

Month seven has finally approached us.

The rolling back and forth, the ever increasing vocabulary (hi dada, baba and the occasional mama —- (I’ll take an “mmmmmmmmmm” as ‘momma’ any. day., as long as that “mmmm” doesn’t include squeezing out a poop.

It took slightly longer than usual to get this post up, as if you were all waiting for it. Haha.

Who am I kidding? I actually have an excuse y’all.

You see, my first born baby was sick all day with vomit. I gotta admit, her aim totally stinks. The bodily fluid never even made it in the toilet, but covered the entire bathroom floor, instead.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t get frustrated.

No, I didn’t evoke any fruits of the spirit when two quarts of half eaten penne pasta and chocolate milk went all over the place. (Sorry, Jesus, I do repent!!)

When she saw me scrubbing the floor down with a half a roll of paper towels, she apologized to me.

“Well mommy, at least you can wash your hands.”

She was right.

I sheepishly looked at her and said, “baby, it’s ok. It’s not your fault.”

After hours of letting her sleep, and after hours of painstakingly watching the first warm day of the season pass me by, I said to the first and second,

“Let’s go. We’re getting out of the house and taking advantage of the vitamin D we all so desperately need.”

The troops were rounded, the jogging stroller was packed and we ended up strolling through the beautiful Guilford green for a good two hours.

On this 7th month of Wyatt’s existence, we walked through town, took some fun photos and got a bite to eat.

I don’t know about other people, but any small win like this can really get a gal fired up.

By that I mean, it should make us feel super accomplished. Like when you get to shave your legs for the first time in months ‘cuz both kids are sleeping and you had enough time. (For that one, I need a medal, especially since I didn’t cut myself).

Life with littles doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t always have to be rainbows, kitties, ice cream, unicorns and perfect photos.

Kids will puke.

And they’ll even puke on you !

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