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The time of my life.

So tonight I didn’t get the chance to

get my nails done.

Instead, I decided to go out to dinner with my husband and my two children.

One of them can definitely hold her own now, though it takes her forever to pick out a Meal. But the 1 year old is finally coming to a place in his personality where he’s getting a little feisty.

By feisty, I mean, throwing bottles, purposely launching food mid-air, feeding the dog all that we’ve cut up for him - and screaming the entire meal time.

While his antics aren’t particularly endearing, it’s becoming more of a challenge to bring him anywhere in public.

My my first born sat well. She listened (then) and was definitely a better traveler when venturing out of the house.

I‘m curious about the baby and interested to know if the behavior will continue. One of my other concerns is regarding discipline: I want to let him know that I’m serious when I say “stop throwing your bottle on the floor”.

Moms & dads of babies at that beautiful little age when defiance creeps up: what have you done to help curb the unappealing behavior?

Do you raise your voice ?

Do you shake your head (For fear of being mimicked)?

Feel free to post your comments below. I look forward to hearing your responses.

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