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Not a fashion blogger. Yet.

This mom bod brought to you by 2 hours of sleep.

This is for all those Fashion Bloggers out there to showcase that it’s really wonderful to be a new mom unfiltered.

Six weeks post baby delivery, my stunning outfit consists of New Balance stretchy pands , as I can’t fit into any normal pants just yet. They may or may not have paint on them, as I used them to paint my hallway and that darn paint didn’t disappear in the washing machine. My comfy turquoise nursing tank is courtesy of a Chinese supplier from - buy three for $17.99 with free shipping on @amazonprimenow and came within 2 days of me ordering. The grey and completely visible nursing bra hasn’t been washed in a couple of days, and probably has milk on it somewhere, but this one is from @Macy’s Motherhood Maternity and is a non-wired bra. It cost me WAY too much, but it is super comfortable, and I have to wear them like every day. The cardigan was my attempt at looking semi-trendy. I saw some influencer flaunt one the other day -- apparently they’re what’s “in” this fall? I have no clue. Charming Charlie for this warm cream color cardigan and was on sale, for $14.99. This materinty leave was, for the most part, unpaid, and I just gotta budget. My CrossFit shoes haven’t been worn during a WOD and haven’t seen a clean and jerk for almost 2 years, but why waste a good pair of sneakers that help with my ever expanding, swollen feet??

This is just me. Raw and unfiltered.

I don’t have a professional photographer chasing me through my daily play-by-plays... my daughter took this photo.

I am a new mom of child number two, and I am forty, so that's something to be said unto itself. I am a mom who has to make a choice whether to have breakfast or to take a shower or to do the dishes or the laundry.

Moms like me typically don’t have the time or $ to color our hair. We throw whatever outfit on that fits, and slather some expensive concealer under our tired, sleep- deprived, puffy eyes until there’s some semblance of an awake face. But we survive, right? We feed our babies in whatever outfit we’re wearing. Moms like us would be lying if we said we never spilled food ON our babies... At the end of the day, the people who really care are staring right at us with beautiful blue eyes waiting (and sometimes crying) for you to feed them again.

For the 10th time in 24 hours.

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