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four years ago, i had my second child and we were struggling to make ends meet.  working paycheck to paycheck, we did whatever we could to keep our family thriving.  the pandemic was tough for us; we even owned a small business in town that met its struggles.

we were simply loyal customers at this fantastic online store back then and I decided to push the play button and start referring others to make the switch like I did.

i have the opportunity to work alongside some incredible leaders in this industry who are available to you throughout your journey, like they were for me.  and I only pray for the same for others. 

this is simply a referral system to switch stores for things you are already currently purchasing.  
this company is almost 4 decades old, is BBB accredited, privately owned and debt free. they manufacture everything and distribute it themselves. 

and it's a thriving business opportunity because everyone uses these (over 500 products) every day. 

here to chat, if you're interested.

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