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What's in your basket?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Oh Easter, how we love you.

The Cadbury mini eggs you can't stop popping in your mouth.

The squishy, gooey artificially colored, sugar-covered Peeps that stain your fingers after you eat them.

The mess of plastic Easter basket grass that seems to litter through your entire home. The plastic eggs that litter your home, some missing the other half when you round them up to pack them away for another year.

But really, in this house, in our Easter basket is the true, eternal gift. We celebrate the REAL reason for Easter - the Resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is undeniable - we are eternally grateful for him robbing the grave.

I have started to really dig deep into the way of how Jesus would treat a situation. I've been used to being so reactive vs. proactive, simply because my flesh takes over too often. He is the only one who can transform us from darkness to light. From sorrow to joy. From bondage to freedom. We have to truly allow into our hearts the pure fact that Jesus came here to completely transform our lives - to live a life for Him.

But every time I lifted His name up in prayer, every. single. time - HE always appeared. He always lifted me up and the tears disappeared, almost immediately. He came to remove our tears, not just in Heaven, but here on Earth.

We must simply put our trust in Him. Is it not such a wonderful miracle that we have His divine plan set in place for us? It's almost impossible for our finite minds to fathom, yet His word makes it blatantly clear. We have a place in Heaven with our Father- because of what Jesus did, and it is this Sunday we truly honor that sacrifice he made for us. Our earthly life can be filled with trials, misery and a lot of disappointment, yet if we stay true to His word and follow His voice, we will be eternally blessed, as he promised.

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