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My beautiful babies 💕💕🎄🎁🎄🎁 _Merry

Hey there- 

Greetings to all my friends, family and fellow parents. Thank you for joining me at The Linnea Files. 

If you are ever so curious to know what Linnea means, first and foremost, it's my middle name - after my father's mother Alvida Linnea.  Secondly, if you are a fan of botany, you may be familiar with the famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus AKA Carl von Linné. This brilliant green thumb is famous for his stunning work in taxonomy, and during his studies, discovered a delightful twinflower he coined the Linnaea Borealis.

I've never seen this tiny species of plant, however, I have seen photos, and it's truly the most dainty of dainties!


I knew it was about time for me to put the proverbial ink to page though a blog simply when I got tired of making excuses.


My site originally started off a way to promote my ever transitioning graphic design and marketing business, but I have received constant confirmation that my words need to be written down and shared with all with whom I come in contact. 

I know there are probably tens of thousands of "mom boss" blogs out there, and it's super difficult to compare this one with some of the absolutely stunning ones out there (you know the kind), but most influencers will say, "don't worry about comparing...just do your own thing".  So I will. 

I've got things to say and I want to share all. of. the. things with you.

So, buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

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